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The most crucial consideration in selling a home today is assessing the correct value of the home.  Since 2007 as real estate markets in the U.S. began a downward spiral of property values, some markets have rebounded, some have stayed stangnant, and others continue to see some decline.  In my 25 plus years in the real estate industry, since 2007 I have seen the real estate markets change about every 1-3 months.  Remember it use to be that you bought a house, and it was most certain that the house would only appreciate every year!  Not so any longer, as we live in a different day and age with regards to the real estate markets.  it is for this reason alone that as you consider placing your house on the market, that the more educated you are, the better understanding that you have of what the true fair market value of your home is worth, the easier it will be to market and sell your house in a timely manner.  I see more Sellers wasting time, and in the end loosing more money because they hire an agent who either does not know how to value a property, or they are not being honest with their Seller, they are afraid to inform the Seller of the true value, or the Seller just has not come to grips with the current reality in regards to the value of their property in TODAY’S market.

With my 15 year background as a State Licensed Real Estate Appraiser, I can use the same methods of the current licensed appraisers to provide you a true and fair current market value of your home, and I will describe to you in details what methods I used to come to the conclusion of your homes value.

Contact us today for a FREE analysis of your homes value, and other information that will help you to market your house and accomplish your goal of selling your home!