The Road Map to Your Home!

Narrowing the Search

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else.”  Taken from a book title, this quote conveys a very simple message – To achieve an objective – create a plan!

If you plan to buy a home soon, you will need to know “where you are going”.  For a most enjoyable home-buying experience, first build a road map to your new home, a list of priorities that will lead you to your objective – a new home!

The first priority is time frame.  Write down the date by which you would like to move in to your new home: 

Keep in mind that it may take 45-60 days to locate the right home, secure financing, and complete the home-buying process.

The next priority is to develop a description of the home you hope to find.  Here are some of the most important items to identify, in order of importance for optimal

  1. Type of Property, Single family detached, cluster home, condo, townhouse (one level, midrise, high rise), equestrian estate, farm, lake house
  2. Price Range minimum to a maximum
  3. Location, Location, Location (Urban, Downtown, Suburban, Rural, near the Mall and a populated area of town, or out in the country on large lots? The north, east, south or west side of town? Close to work or far away from work? Can you narrow your search down to a county, then to an area of that county?)
  4. New or an existing house
  5. Style of House, 1 story Ranch, 2 story colonial, Split Level, Modern or traditional in architecture and appearance
  6. Schools… if applicable for a family with children still in school
  7. Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms
  8. Lot Size, zero lot line like a condo on up to a suburban lot of under .50 acre, to a large lot over 1.00 acre or perhaps several acres or more.
  9. Other Amenities such as decks, porch, fireplace, garage, pool, bonus room, etc… help to narrow the search.  What items are a must have and what items would be nice, but not necessary?

I will take this information and enter your requirements into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system.  I will use my personal market knowledge to come up with a list of those homes that best meet your needs and wants.

You will be set up on the Realtors MLS “Auto-Notification System” where once I input your personal search criteria into the MLS, you will automatically have all the properties that match your search criteria sent to you.  After you receive the initial list of properties that match your search criteria, you will be sent properties that match your search criteria as they come onto the market or as current listings have a price change.  Once you see these properties in your email, please email me your favorite MLS numbers and I will do more research on the particular properties and send more info back to you.  I will be able to find out more info such as who owns the property, when they purchased it, for what amount, what the mortgage is, what are the taxes, and other particulars regarding the property.  All of this information is very helpful to you in finding the perfect property and understanding the property so that we can make an intelligent offer and work a good deal for you.

During the home search, I will…

  • Remember that time is of the essence.
  • Keep you informed and updated on a regular basis via email or a phone call..
  • Check the MLS database and with other brokers regularly for new listings.
  • Prepare a list of all homes that best meet your needs and wants.
  • Be available to answer your questions or offer assistance regarding your home purchase almost 24/7.  I typically work from 8:30AM to 9:00PM and often answer emails up until 11:00PM.
  • Discuss market trends, property background information, and values relative to properties that may be of interest to you.