Greetings from Paul Zorich

If You Are Thinking About Moving To Nashville, TN.

If you are like most people who are thinking about moving to the Nashville, TN. area, you may be considering a move here for the following reasons:

1. You are taking a job here in the future.

2. You want to move to a part of the country where the economy may be one of the best economies as compared to where you are moving from. In other words, you are looking for opportunity!

3. You may have family or friends that moved here, you visited, and decided this would be a great place to live, to raise a family, or to retire too.

4. You are looking for a safe, clean, nice area of the country, with good schools, and economic opportunity.

5. You want to make it in the music business.

Most people start to think about moving to Nashville for one of these main reasons, and the first thing they do is go to the Internet and begin to Google things like “Nashville”, “Moving to Nashville”, “Living in Nashville”, “Homes in Nashville” and so on.  As you bounce all over Google you may land on my web page or other web sites with relative information to Nashville.  As you ponder moving to Nashville, you eventually make the decision to move to the Nashville area, and you intensify your search almost daily, to several times a day.  Eventually you decide you are going to come to Nashville on a recon trip to scout things out in person.  You look up houses for sale, you get some information from some web sites, but the last thing you want to do is talk to a Realtor because you might get some crazed real estate agent who is so desperate to sell you a house, that once they get your name, phone number and an email, they will never stop bugging the heck out of you.  So you come to Nashville for your recon trip, you rent a car and drive all over using maps and your GPS, and you check in on your lap top or your hotels business center computer and then go out and drive all around to get a good feel for the city.  This is what so many people do.

The alternative is to save hundreds of hours, gas, time and money, by being efficient, and working with a very good Realtor like myself.  A Professional Realtor who will not force you to commit to working with me until you are ready to write a contract offer (as this is the law in TN.), a Realtor who will not bug you morning, noon, and night with tons of calls and emails and texts, but a professional Realtor who will understand what you want in a house, and in an area/neighborhood, and one that will only email you info that you want, when you want it.  A professional Realtor who will answer his phone when you call and need something, but who will not call you and pester you.  A professional Realtor who will be available when you come to Nashville to set appointments, and open houses that you want to see.  But most importantly, a well versed Realtor who can send you information, help you to discern what part of town is best for you and your lifestyle.  A good professional Realtor like myself, can make all the difference in making your potential move easy, efficient and pleasurable!  Don’t be afraid to talk and share a little information with me as I will not disappoint you.  Before I was a Realtor, I had a 15 year career as a State Licensed real estate appraiser.  I had to deal with real estate agents in a limited capacity, and I did not enjoy that experience most often.  I swore that when I became a Realtor, I would treat people with dignity, respect, and only provide them the information that they wanted or that was in their best interest, that I would not pester people, that I would show them how I work for them, and earn their respect and business.  This is my promise to you, and I can assure you that 99.9% of my client have been completely happy with their experience through me and my services.

Call or email me today, and I will get you all the information you want and need, and I will get you the Listings that you will most desire.  If you have questions about the Nashville area, schools, employment centers or anything, call me and we can talk about this and find the best location for you!

Thank you for checking in at my blog!

Paul Zorich, Your Nashville Realtor